Outside the Box

Your business finding potential customers

Outbound marketing is an expensive game of hide and seek.  Settling for the cheapest package isn’t the answer. You must be stealthy about placing your ads.  Your customers are out there.  We have to find them as efficiently and effectively as possible.  That’s where 25 years of experience is beneficial.  We are skilled at finding your customers; we make them emotionally aware of your brand in a way that drives them through their values and lifestyles.  A well- researched and targeted buy with the negotiating power of Prichard Consulting will ensure maximum awareness to your audience.

Cable and Broadcast Television

Cable-and-Broadcast-TelevisionJust in the past ten years, television has become extremely fragmented.  It seems that a new cable network is added weekly.  We are on top of this industry. Our experience and research allows us to put your message at the right place at the right time to find the right customer.

Newspaper and Radio

Newspaper-and-RadioNewspaper and radio still have strength most powerful in local small markets. With people listening to music everywhere and even viewing the news from applications on their phones, newspaper and radio remain strong formats – but must be planned and monitored carefully for the best results.


BillboardsBillboards are the most misunderstood yet one of the most effective outbound options available.  On average people spend at least 16 hours per week in their car.  Billboards can capture the attention of those drivers and can help you reach your goals.

Direct Mail

Direct-MailWhen purchased and targeted correctly, direct mail can achieve the right customers and effectiveness.  Getting in front of the correct customer with an appealing design is our goal.