Inside the Net

Potential customers finding your business

Inbound marketing is like a reverse game of hide and seek. The internet explosion is continuously spawning new and creative ways for your customer to find your business.  Many business owners know they need to improve their inbound marketing but aren’t sure where to begin.  Customers don’t look at a phone book anymore to find your business.  Prichard Consulting has the resources to tailor a custom made inbound marketing program to fit your business and your budget.

Website Development

Website-DevelopmentYour website is the first impression that most new customers will have of your business. What impression does your website make?  Every website we build is mobile friendly and engineered to elevate that first impression and your search ranking.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Social-MediaPlain and simple social media is the grapevine.  If you aren’t creating a positive buzz through the grapevine your business is easily forgotten or rejected.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click (SEO/PPC)

Search-Engine-Optimization-and-Pay-Per-ClickConduct several Google searches on the different aspects (topics) of a company.  Ask yourself during this search, does your interest level and credence of the company plummet once you start to find answers on the bottom of the page.  Do you even look on the second page of a search.  It’s important to rank well in these searches and heighten media optimization. We are experts on the research to make this happen.

Public Relations/Events/Webinars

Dollarphotoclub_75687552Consumers are demanding.  They expect a connection with the brands they use. Whether your business needs an image facelift or desires to report newsworthy events, we are experts at making this connection.